Monday, 21 July 2014

Nautical Girl

Straw Hat | Thrifted
Lipstick | Rimmel London in Airy Fairy
Top | American Apparel
Blue Bow | American Apparel
Skirt | Thrifted
Heels | Audley from Gravity Pope


Happy monday everyone! Changeling my inner nautical girl today, I love the ocean, I love the water. Although I'm extremely landlocked here in Edmonton when I was younger, up till the age of four I lived near the ocean. While living in Wales I know my parents often took me to the beach, I miss it so much. I just love the smell of it and the wet sand, not the biggest fan of beaches like the ones in Mexico and such. I adore the ones in Europe, I do hope I can go back and visit them soon. 

So when I found this skirt the other day it really made me feel very nautical!

I'd also like to mention that I'm really excited because I finally decided to sit down and learned about my DSLR camera, for months now I've just been using it and shooting it on auto. Now I decided to step up my game, so I went and learned all about the settings on my camera like shutter speed and aperture. Things I was aware of but didn't actually utilize, and I'm completely over the moon with how my pictures turned out. I think if you compare these photos to my last outfit post that you would have to agree that these are better, at least I think they are. I'm finally on the right track and I feel good about my work and personal progress, man the internet is great for learning tips and tricks on your own!!

Love Rhiannon

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Tina + Matt

Hello there!

Very excited to show you all these pictures I took the other day of a lovely couple. Tina and Matt were so much fun to work with and were very versatile when I asked them to lay down on the ground and all sorts of things like that.

This shoot was a huge learning opportunity for me, I figured that because we were shooting in the middle of the day that the sun would be quiet harsh and strong. So I after doing a little bit of research I figured it be in my best interest to buy a 5 in 1 reflector (also a general good investment) to diffuse the harsh sunlight. I reached out to my friends on the internet and my wonderful friend Torin came to help me with the reflector, my handy dandy photo assistant for the day!

However on the day of the shoot the sky was all grey and covered by smoke from the wildfires up in the Northwest Territories, not quiet what I was hoping for. That's the only thing I don't like about these photos, however I can't change the colour of the sky so I'll just have to make do. Luckily instead of using the reflector as I had planed to diffuse the light from above we figured out to use the gold and silver side, bouncing the light from the sun to the faces and giving it a nice even light tone making them also appear lighter considering how dark the sky looked.

Of course I had looked up tutorials and read articles online on how to use my new reflector, but as many of you know you can read and re-read something over and over again but it's not until you get "into the field" that you really start understanding and learning.

If you guys want to see the whole shoot you can check it out on my photography blog by clicking this link. Honestly the pictures look better on there, when I uploaded them to here some of the colours got muddled. 

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures! 

Love Rhiannon

Monday, 14 July 2014


White Vintage Hat | Thrifted
Lipstick | Revlon in Matt Stormy Pink
Sunglasses | Urban Outfitters
White Dress | Noul
Hand Bag | Thrifted
Heels | Audley from Gravity Pope


Something very scary happened to me this morning, as I was out driving in south side Edmonton I was stopped at an intersection. I wasn't able to proceed further to the other side of the intersection because traffic was backed up, obviously I couldn't go further because then I would be in the centre and I would be obstructing traffic going in the other direction. Not only is that the courteous thing to do, but to go any further would be in violation of the law! So I stayed put, all the sudden a huge truck rolled up behind me not a big surprise considering the area of the city I was in. It was the industrial area of Edmonton, all of the sudden however the truck behind me started honking its horn at me. Really loudly and repeatedly, then he started really laying on the horn. I was confused, entering into the intersection at this stage would be illegal but I could see he was trying to turn and has his indicator on. However I simply couldn't go any where, he continued to honk and stepping on his gas peddle little by little trying to get me to move. I simply wouldn't move! Finally he got out of his truck, at which point I became very frighted I quickly locked my doors and rolled up the windows of my car. He came over and started yelling at me and knocking on my window and yelled at me to move, I just starred at him completely petrified. When people are angry like that you don't know what there capable of! Finally he went back to his car and then proceeded to simply just drive over the curb, I just sat in my car stunned and shaken. Shortly after wards, when he was no longer behind me the intersection open up where I then drove off to the next road and pulled over. I called my mother and broke down in tears, honestly it was scary. I may sound like a sissy for crying but it's quite upsetting when someone is yelling at you for doing nothing wrong!

All in all, I believe I did the right thing by not moving. In hindsight if I wasn't so shaken up I should have written down his license plate, but I was in too much of a state to think of something like that. Luckily I was calmed down after only a quick cry and was able to carry on with my day, but it just made me realize how out of touch some people are with the world, the law, and other people's emotions.

Real quick I want to talk about this outfit! My mother and I this thursday are off to Le Diner En Blanc, a picnic/ dinner held in a secret and interesting location in your city. It started in Paris years ago and has spread across the world, you pay for dinner and bring your own table, chairs, and eating utensils. All of course in white! The idea is to wear white everything, so here I've gone and found my mother and I some white vintage hats (the one in the pictures is mine) I have a white dress as well. The one here is the one I'll be wearing, however I will not be wearing these shoes or this bag. Anyway, so you bring your own stuff and they put you on a bus and take you to a location were you set up everything and they feed you dinner. It seemed like a fun mother daughter thing to do. I don't get to spend much time with my mother, what with work, school, friends, boyfriends, and the simple fact that I am getting older and drifting away slightly. So I'm looking forward to thursday :) Also super excited about my outfit as well!! Of course haha although I just realized I wear a lot of white... I should really try and start wearing more colour. Something I'll be working on!

Love Rhiannon

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Wave Over Wave

Lipstick | Revlon in Matt Stormy Pink
Top | Thrifted
Floral Skirt | Thrifted
Heels | Chie Mihara from Gravity Pope


I am just so pleased with the great thrifting luck I had the other day! I got a few more great pieces to add to my ever growing collection of clothing, I just love thrift shopping way more then say, if I were to just go to a mall. 

First off it's cheaper, secondly it's good for the environment, thirdly it's fun!! It's more fun then going to one particular store were they typically sell one style of clothing. When you thrift everything's all mixed together, it's a treasure hunt and you get a little taste of everything :) 

I have to give credit of this outfit though to my friend Kerstie, she had picked up this outfit, tried it on and suggested that it would probably look better on me! So I tried it on and ended up loving it, so it now it belongs to me. In return for this amazing find I foud here a shirt with euphoniums on it (yes euphoniums) because we're big music nerds. For my non music friends a euphonium is basically the smaller version of a tuba , that's probably the easiest way to describe it. We thought it was pretty funny, turns out the shirt looked pretty awesome on her as well :)

All in all a good way to spend ones day  

Well I'm off to enjoy the beautiful weather! Have a great Sunday everyone. 

Love Rhiannon