Monday, 1 September 2014

Back To School

White Hair Bow | American Apparel
Lipstick | Rimmel London in Dizzy
Top | American Apparel
Purse | Thrifted
Skirt | Thrifted
Heels | Audley from Gravity Pope


Happy Labour Day everyone! I'm just going to keep it short today as I'm spending it with my boyfriend Kyle, tomorrow I start my final fall semester at my university and although I'm not terribly excited to go back to school I am excited to see all my friends! 

It was raining on and off today so I didn't feel like going far to take my outfit photos, so I simply went to the sidewalk literarily right beside my house... not the most photogenic spot but oh well I made it work. This week will be a little dismal for blog posts as it is the first week back at school and I feel I'll be fairly busy with things related to that.

That's all for now happy Labour Day and September 1st everyone!!

Love Rhiannon

Friday, 29 August 2014

Little By Little

Brown Hat | Noul
Lipstick | Rimmel London in Bordeaux 
Jean Vest | Thrifted
Dress | H&M
Socks | Urban Outfitters
Loafers | Thrifted
Purse | Thrifted

Hello friends!

I really have to admit, I'm liking my outfits more lately. I've really been pushing myself to put together better pieces. When I first started my blog I sort of just found anything I could in my closet threw it on and that was that, I didn't really think about what I was wearing in a sense. Not saying that I didn't "not" think about what I was wearing but I was so caught up in making sure I had an outfit post every day that well... I don't think my outfits were as strong as they are now. 

I've really been pushing myself to create something more out of so little, by that I mean re-mixing outfits. It was incredibly difficult for me to try and re-mix my outfits but now it's getting easier and honestly it's easier on my budget. Being a student can be difficult as I'm sure many of you know, and dressing yourself almost seems like the last thing most of you would spend your money on. But I've quickly learned it doesn't have to be like that, if you have a few key pieces you can make a brand new outfit just like that!! 

Really they just have to be simple things too! For me the staple item to instantly make an old outfit new again is a hat, I love my hats. Another new trick I've learned is to add other little things to your outfits, such as a pair of socks, a light jacket or cardigan over top, changing out your purse, and even jewelry. You can re-mix these items over and over again with your dresses, jeans, and tops! 

So I highly recommend, next time before you go out and buy a new dress look in your closet and see if you can change an old look to a new look!

I hope some of these tips helped!!

Love Rhiannon

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Front Row Muse

White Hair Bow | American Apparel
Lipstick | Rimmel London in Alarm
Cardigan | Thrifted
Stripped Shirt | H&M
Purse | Thrifted
Black Jeans | Cheap Monday from Gravity Pope
Loafers | Urban Outfitters

Oh heyy!

Hope everyone is having a great day, sometimes you just gotta be a little silly. I don't actually really consider myself a graceful person normally my face actually looks like the last photo here, just ask any of my friends and family :) being composed all the time is boring, being weird and silly is so much more fun. I read an interesting blog post the other day by Annika of The Pineneedle Collective, she was talking about how bloggers are often perceived as these perfect people with perfect lives because all you ever see are these carefully chosen photographs of them that appear to be well, perfect. 

I completely agreed with her, it was quite refreshing to know that we aren't all perfect. We all do have our own struggles and stresses, I don't want to rip off her blog post so I won't write much more about it but you should go take a read at it here. I've seen a few other bloggers doing this lately were their posting "outtakes," photos that went wrong, were you look like a goof, and just plain silly. So I decided to post one here, I think I prefer not being perfect no one is, it's just nice to sort of put it out there!

I really am in love with this new cardigan I picked up the other day though, it has the prettiest little flower beading on it (there are some close up shots of it I hope you guys can see it ok). Only a few more days till school starts!!

Love Rhiannon  

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Back To Basics

Straw Hat | Thrifted
Lipstick | Rimmel London in Airy Fairy
Cardigan | Noul
Shirt | Thrifted
Jeans | Anthropologie
Loafers | Thrifted

This is my go to look, whether I'm running errands or just hanging out around the house a comfy pair of jeans and cardigan is my simple look. I love feeling like its fall I have all my cardigans out and my berets, it's just about time to put my lovely straw summery hats for the winter they just don't suit the season so I'm trying to get some more wear out if it while I can.

I am so very excited tonight though, I get to see my two very best friends. I haven't seen them in about two months as they've both been out of the province, so tonight we're going out for drinks and some much needed girl talk catch up!

Well that's all for today, my back to basics look for all of you :)

Love Rhiannon