Friday, 19 September 2014

Hillary + Kyle

Hello there internet

It's been awhile I know, I've recently decided that I want to switch the focus of my blog more towards my art and less about my fashion, I still plan to blog my outfits but I feel a change in myself that's pulling myself away from that. I always knew that I wouldn't do this forever and I've been doing this for nearly a year now and lot's of things can change in just one year, this is just a little bit of proof of that. Perhaps I will come back and decided that once again I want to blog more about my style, (I tend to go through stages) but for now that's just not the case. Maybe it's because I feel overwhelmed with school right now and my photography business has really got my locked down with all my free time. I'm sorry for many of you who are upset over this, because after all that's the reason you started following me but... you know what this might sound mean, but this blog is about me. Come on let's be honest every blog that everyone writes is about them in one sense or another. 

That's just the personal choice I've decided to make for the time being. I hope everyone can accept that and understand.

In the meantime I think I'm going to put more thought into my post and blog about things that matter to me, and frankly when I have time to do it. Not trying to rush things or throw something together last minute like I used too.

So here finally after all my rambling!! Is Hillary + Kyle, Last weekend I went out to shoot a couples photography session for Hillary and Kyle, Hillary is actually my cousin so I was over joyed to take photos of these two wonderful people in my life.

Hillary and Kyle are just coming up to their one year wedding anniversary, however for nearly the past year they have been living apart. Kyle revived a job in the States and Hillary has had to stay here in Edmonton to finish her PhD. So with the such short amount of time that they get to spend together, living a country apart, it was great for me to capture some recent photographs of them together so that they have something to remind them of each other when they are apart.

I love having them in my life they are both wonderful people and we had such a great time walking around the river valley on what turned out to be a beautiful fall evening.

I was terribly worried all week about the weather as we already had this shoot planed, earlier in the week in snowed and as a result the rest of the week was all grey, cold, mucky, and rainy. I can't believe how much it cleared up though! It truly looked like a stunning fall evening, warm and all the changing colours on the leaves. 

If you guys want to see more of the shoot, just click this link here!

Love Rhiannon 

Monday, 8 September 2014

Snowy September

Beret | American Apparel
Lipstick | Rimmel London in Airy Fairy
Coat | Noul
Top | Thrifted
Skirt | Thrifted
Boots | Thrifted


So as you can all see... it snowed here today. WHAT?! It's the beginning of september and it's snowing, don't get me wrong I like snow I really do, but it has it's time and place. Not now, it's too early for snow! I still want to wear my dresses freely, oh well it looks like it'll just be for today and tomorrow it should be melted. I have a bunch of photo shoots coming up and I was expecting snow so I hope it's gone in time for that.

Never the less, I had to pull out my winter jackets today. It was such a weird feeling to do that, only because I wasn't expecting to do that for at least another month and half.

I got some new photo editing software and I've been testing it out and playing around with it, figuring it out. This is one of the results of the photos, so far it's okay I like it. I think I still need to play around with it some more find a formula that's right for me, but it's alright so far.

That's all for now!

Love Rhiannon

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Crystal + Kevin

Last weekend I took photographs of Crystal and Kevin, a wonderful couple who wanted me to capture their beautiful glow. Crystal and Kevin are expecting there first child together and are so excited to bring this new life into the world, it was such a delight to photograph these two even though we were eaten alive by mosquitoes for the most part they were good sports about it and looked more lovely then ever.
If you guys want to see more of the shoot, just click this link here or as always just clock on the Rhiannon Sarah Blog tab on the top on my blog here!
Complete pleasure for me to have this opportunity. Thank you!

Playing Catch Up

Hi there everyone!

Sorry once again blogging took a backseat this week, school started up on tuesday and honestly I thought I would have some time to do some blogging but as usual... I was wrong. As you can imagine things were crazy this week, it was great seeing all my friends from last year and catching up with them but on the other side dealing with university bureaucracy and schedules is a nightmare! On top of all of that I have some credit card fraud on my account and had to cancel my credit card, not too fun. Everyone be careful with your banking information on the internet! So as a result of all that, no time to blog and I certainly don't exactly have time this weekend. I'm still working my two jobs so my whole weekend is spent well, you guessed it, working. Oh well I need the money anyway after school started, what with paying for tuition and books and what not.

It's not all bad news this week, with all the hassle trying to figure out my schedule I now only have school 3 days a week!! Which makes me pretty excited, in the future it will give me more time for blogging, more time for working, and more time to work on my art and apply for new schools next year! It being my last year at MacEwan it makes sense, so that's one good thing. Another good thing that happened to me this week was I finally bit the bullet and bought a fancy new computer! Yes I finally spent all my money (haha) and got myself a nice 21.5 in iMac and I couldn't be happier with it. I have all these great creative artistic projects just flooding into my brain now, imagine if only I would have had this at my disposal months ago! Never the less I have it now and I have a fantastic project that I've been working on to share with you all now!

Alright that's all for now, I'm sure there's a lot more I want to tell a lot has happened this past week but this was just a little something to get you all caught up!

A little later I'll be posting a little blog post sharing some photographs I took for a lovely couple. Stay tuned for that!


P.S. in the meantime enjoy these couple of pictures from the new project I've been working on as a preview!! Details to come later :)

Monday, 1 September 2014

Back To School

White Hair Bow | American Apparel
Lipstick | Rimmel London in Dizzy
Top | American Apparel
Purse | Thrifted
Skirt | Thrifted
Heels | Audley from Gravity Pope


Happy Labour Day everyone! I'm just going to keep it short today as I'm spending it with my boyfriend Kyle, tomorrow I start my final fall semester at my university and although I'm not terribly excited to go back to school I am excited to see all my friends! 

It was raining on and off today so I didn't feel like going far to take my outfit photos, so I simply went to the sidewalk literarily right beside my house... not the most photogenic spot but oh well I made it work. This week will be a little dismal for blog posts as it is the first week back at school and I feel I'll be fairly busy with things related to that.

That's all for now happy Labour Day and September 1st everyone!!

Love Rhiannon